True battle LCD and LED monitors


In the previous years there is a true battle being in between LCD and LED monitors because they are suitable in price, they offer you a great value for the price they have and they have taken the quality of image a lot more then earlier technology.

This is |just regular as people that are at the moment owning an LCD monitor and are very fulfilled with the item that they have right now will be incredibly reluctant to change their monitors and will first want to see some solid facts and figures before they choose to take any lessons of action.

I have made a decision to exemplify some of the basic advantages that the LED monitors have so that maybe I can dent the armour of an LCD fan only a bit. Do not miss understand my intentions . LCD technology is  excellent however it is now a bit behind and it would require some improving or difference.

The LED monitors use LED lighting technology so that light will not get away and will not change the quality of the image in any way and maintain it sharp and clear. The previous LCD monitors use fluorescent lighting technology that allow light to escape and go to darker areas thus the contrast of the image will not respect it’s natural features and also the brightness of the monitor will be higher than usual.

Also the LED monitors are using a side lighting position of view to improve the overall quality of the image where the LCD monitors use a back lighting  thus the image will be clearer at the center point of the screen and is will loose quality on the edges. The LED monitors have resolved this issue by using this technology and the image will have an overall quality all across the screen.

Last however the LED monitor is a master of ergonomics and it proves that easily by size.

lighter than the regular LCD monitor and will present you the possibility of arranging your room to your vision delight and will help you save a space.
Benefits you know what the LED has to offer you now and you have the ability to choose properly the type of screen you would desire and you can pick for your movie and entertainment  pleasure and delight

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